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Medication Management

Med Management

Medication management in psychiatry is constantly developing, expanding, and improving. New medications are made available and we continuously refine our understanding and use of existing options. Innovative technologies, such as genetic assessments, help optimize the choice and dose of medication for each individual.

We view medication management as a collaborative process between patient and clinician. This begins with a comprehensive evaluation that leads to treatment recommendations concerning not just medications but also other approaches to wellness, including, for example, talk therapy. Input is sought from Therapists and others to help refine treatment goals and approaches. Patients are encouraged to read, inform themselves, and ask questions. The duration of a course of medication management is individually determined.

Other Services

Diagnostic Evaluations

Every patient begins with an initial comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to assess emotional and behavioral issues.

TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is among the most exciting innovations in psychiatric care today. If your meds are not working optimally or you want to avoid side effects. TMS could be an option.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Therapy and counseling enable the facing of life’s challenges in a supportive environment. In therapy, most experience symptom relief and function better in their lives.

Sessions by video link or telephone enable the continuity of comprehensive psychiatric care from the comfort of your home or office setting. There is no commuting to and from and the time spent in the virtual waiting room is usually brief.

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